Château Saint Pey (Red - Saint Emilion Grand Cru) - Wine obtained from short cycles

It has a beautiful ruby color. Its expressive nose, blends scents of red fruits (raspberry, blackberry) and slightly woody notes. After a frank and silky attack, the mouth is well balanced. Fine tannins, melted oak and a fruity aromatic return give this bottle a lot of elegance.

Bouteille (75 cl) 45.00 €
Burgundy, Chardonnay - Wine obtained from short cycles

From Chablis to Saint-Véran, rully or meursault, in Burgundy Chardonnay offers all the facets of its beautiful personality. A versatile grape variety par excellence, it knows how to interpret each parcel of Burgundy terroir with grace and elegance.

Bouteille (75 cl) 19.00 €
Tradition Rosé - Wine obtained from short cycles

“With floral nuances and touches of red berries, this supple and structured rosé wine
will be the perfect match before your dinner.”
This estate has a long history. It is now a family establishment run by Fabrice Faré. In
2013, he hired Yannick, a former wine merchant and journalist who wanted to live up to
a challenge: honour this magic place and make wines that combine depth and elegance.
The estate overlooks the sea, which is less than a ten-minute walk from the Château.
Bouteille (75 cl) 25.00 €
Red Saint Pierre - Wine obtained from short cycles

“With a nice balance between acidity and sugar, this biodynamic wine made respects
Bordeaux’s beautiful tradition!”
Located in Entre-deux-Mers, at the heart of Haut-Benauge appellation, this estate was bought by Julien Ferran in 1976 and is rapidly changing. Ferran has a deep knowledge of this vineyard and territory, which helps him safeguard its surrounding biodiversity when he works. He has been practising organic farming since 2000 and now biodynamic farming. (Demeter Label)
Bouteille (75 cl) 27.00 €
Red Cuvée Margaux - Wine obtained from short cycles

“This wine will charm you with its bright purple colour, its notes of tobacco and liqueur, its tannic structure and its fruity character!”
Cardon estate on Côte Chalonnaise was created in 2013 thanks to the association of Thierry Bied, Pierre Pouguet and Frédérique de Cardon.
In just a few years, their wine was good enough to get its prestigious neighbours’ respect. In 2016, they received a Silver medal and a Gold medal in Côte Chalonnaise competition.
Bouteille (75 cl) 32.00 €
White La demoiselle de Labelle - Wine obtained from short cycles

“With its bright yellow colour, its notes of exotic fruit and apricot, this fresh and slightly
sweet white wine will titillate your taste buds.”
The estate is located in a rare territory, Sables fauves, which is famous for Armagnac
production. Cyril and Julie are true pioneers in wine production in this area. This young
couple is proud of the local identity that has been giving character to their cuvées for
several generations. These wines made close to the ocean get people closer!
Bouteille (75 cl) 25.00 €
La buvette du Régisseur rosé - Wine obtained from short cycles

“With its notes of buds and blackcurrant, this rosé will be a source of delicious moments
thanks to its freshness and its light and pleasant bitterness.”
The estate is located in a rare territory, Sables fauves, which is famous for Armagnac
production. Cyril and Julie are true pioneers in wine production in this area. This young
couple is proud of the local identity that has been giving character to their cuvées for
several generations. These wines made close to the ocean get people closer!
Verre (14 cl) 4.50 / Pot (46 cl) 9.00 €
Red Côte du Rhône - Wine obtained from short cycles

“This beautiful red wine’s aromas are just in-between youth and ageing. Its fruity and
strong character will seduce you. A charming wine full of elegance!”
In this estate transmitted from father to son, Thibaut decided in 2011 to convert to
organic farming and got the certification in 2014. Thibaut is a passionate, friendly and
detail-minded person who is committed to producing wines that show the best of his
Verre (14 cl) 5.50 / Pot (46 cl) 11.00 €
Rosé Cuvée Diane - Wine obtained from short cycles

The young couple took over Stéphanie’s father’s estate, near Carcassonne, and leads a
true revolution to become the driving force of Cabardès appellation! Together, they
work on perfecting the methods in the vineyard and in the cellar, they modernise and
invest in order to improve the quality of their wines. Because they advocate the
protection of their territory, they comply with the Terra Vitis label and just got the
organic farming certification.
Bouteille (75 cl) 20.88 €
White La Buvette du Régisseur - Wine obtained from short cycles

“With its notes of pomelo and exotic fruit, this white wine will charm you thanks to a
fresh endnote a nice aromatic persistence.
The estate is located in a rare territory, Sables fauves, which is famous for Armagnac
production. Cyril and Julie are true pioneers in wine production in this area. This young
couple is proud of the local identity that has been giving character to their cuvées for
several generations. These wines made close to the ocean get people closer!
Verre (14 cl) 5.50 / Pot (46 cl) 9.00 €
PDO Touraine - Wine obtained from short cycles

Colour: Cherry, ruby.
Nose: Red berries.
Mouthfeel: Light, neat.

Our estate, located in Touraine, in the valley of châteaux de la Loire, is only 700m from
the Beauval zoo.
Verre (14 cl) 5.50 / Pot (46 cl) 11.00 €
Raw cider Val de Rance

This raw cider, powerful and with authentic taste, is perfect to accompany traditional occasions. 

3.50 / 7.00 / 11.00 €
Val de Rance sweet cider

Made by a cellar master from traditional apples in Brittany, this sweet Breton cider seduces, since it won the gold medal at the Paris 2017 general agricultural competition! It is distinguished by its smooth and rich taste in the mouth, underlined with stewed aromas and a note of fresh fruit.

3.50 / 7.00 / 11.00 €
Farm Cider

The castle of lézergué perpetuates the tradition of great quality cider with productions elaborated exclusively with the fruits of its orchards. Its crops are carefully monitored on each plot with the utmost respect for the environment.

13.50 €
Organic Cider

Made by our Chai cellar master from organically grown apples from Brittany, this organic cider is distinguished by its freshness, lightness and fruity aromas. The organic cider â "cidre de Bretagne â" is a real invitation to rediscover the depth and rich taste of apples from the valley of Rance!

13.50 €
Pink Cider

The rosé cider comes from the royal delight, apple with red flesh, it gives a completely natural rosé cider, with no added coloring. Perfect for an aperitif or to accompany a dessert!

13.50 €
Champagne Brut Albert Beerens

Structure: Champagne Blanc de Noirs, slightly amber golden yellow, this champagne is rich, full and harmonious with flavors of citrus fruits, caramel, hazelnuts and raisins.
Aromas: expressive nose with notes of red fruits, vanilla, grapefruit, dried banana.

7.50 / 40.00 €
Kir Royal

A traditional cocktail of Burgundy cuisine, based on blackcurrant cream and white wine burgundy aligoté.
7.50 €
Kir Breton

The Breton kir is a light and tasty drink, a sparkling and original alternative to the classic kir. 

3.00 €
Jack Daniels Whisky

Amber in color with orange highlights, the nose is sweet, slightly woody with a trace of tobacco. The oily palate is marked by characteristic aromas of leather, wood and tobacco. 

7.00 / 12.00 €

Crème de cassis de Dijon with white wine aligoté de Bourgogne.

3.50 €
Red Martini

With sweet and bitter goat cheese, it exhales multiple aromas thanks to a blend of selected wine and herbs.

6 cl 3.50 €
White Martini

Its straw yellow color develops a sweet flavor with notes of vanilla and spices.

6 cl 3.50 €

A unique ritual, but with everyone's approval.

4 cl 3.50 €
Tawny Red Port

Port is a Portuguese mutated wine, produced only in the Haut Douro region. 

Antique, Evolved, with woody, spicy and dried fruit aromas taking over as the wine ages.

6 cl 3.50 €
San Pellegrino

Awaken your senses with the sparkling mineral water San Pellegrino and live a typically Italian experience.

50 cl 4.00 / 1 L 6.50 €

The source is in the Alps at Evian-les-Bains in the department of Haute-Savoie.

50 cl 4.00 / 1 L 6.50 €

Plancoët is a naturally sparkling mineral water, pure and without nitrate thanks to the reserve prohibiting any agriculture on a hundred hectares surrounding its source, coming from Sassay in the town of Plancoët.
4.00 / 6.50 €
Plancoët Fines Bulles

A water recognized in Brittany, committed to the economic and cultural development of its region. Plancoët's Fine Bubbles range won the Best New Foodservice Award for 2013.

4.00 / 6.50 €

Beer 1664: 1664 is a low fermentation beer, of blonde color (5,5 %), almost yellow. It contains barley malt, glucose syrup, wheat and wheat malt. Its white foam is dense and its bubbles are fine. 
This beer is marked by its fine bitterness and its long after taste in the mouth of its long fermentation in cellar. Its flavor oscillates between sweet and sour.

3.50 / 7.00 €
Armen Blonde Bio

Beer with high fermentation brewed in Trégunc according to the traditional methods with barley malt, certified organic. Its name pays homage to the most extreme lighthouse in Brittany! 
With fine aromas of wheat!

5.50 €
Armen Rousse Bio

This Breton beer brings honor to the lighthouse à "Ar-men â" (rock in Breton) which hangs out of the Brest island (Finistère). It was awarded at the general agricultural competition.
Its originality comes from the fact that it is brewed with wheat, it will delight all organic beer lovers!
A slightly cloudy red color with a generous foam. 
On the nose, smoky malt aromas,
In the mouth, we find slowly turned roasted flavors !

5.90 €
Champagne Soup

Champagne soup is a traditional Champagne aperitif, derived from angevine soup, composed of orange liqueur, champagne, lime and sugar cane syrup.

8.50 / 14.00 €

Cocktail with servers from Brazil, based on Cachaé and Lime.

8.50 / 15.00 €
Piña colada rum

Piana cola da was invented before 1954, in Puerto Rico where it was declared a national drink in 1978. It's a rum cocktail, pineapple juice and coconut cream! 

8.50 / 15.00 €
Alcohol Free Cocktail

Made with Orange, pineapple and strawberry syrup!

5.50 €
Organic apple juice

An unfiltered organic apple juice with no added sugar. Moreover, it is useless to add much to describe this juice which is defined by its tradition, its taste, its authenticity and its simplicity. 

3.90 €
Selection of fruit juices

Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Apricot, Tomato

3.50 €
Water syrup

Refresh yourself with the perfume you want!
2.50 €

Perrier is a naturally sparkling French mineral water from the source of Les Bouillens.
Tell your server if you prefer neet, with a slice of lemon or syrup of your choice.

33 cl 3.50 €

3.50 €
Ice tea

Lipton Peach Iced Tea, the perfect refreshing drink for any occasion.
25 cl 3.50 €
Breizh Cola

Created in 2002 by two friends Stéphane Kerdodé and Éric ollive, breizh cola is the first regional cola to offer consumers a real French alternative to this mythical drink.
This French regional cola takes its name from its first composition, the use of kola nuts and the Breton name of Brittany! 

3.50 €
Breizh Cola Zero

New 100% breizh cola in 2015.
A taste close to the original recipe.

3.50 €

A refreshing and sparkling drink that is no longer needs an introduction!

33 cl 3.50 €
Coca-Cola Zero

Coca-Cola, with no sugar and very few calories

33 cl 3.50 €
Espresso coffee

An espresso (from Italian espresso) or short coffee©, is a very full-bodied coffee with strong aromas!
All our coffees are from fair trade

2.00 €

All our coffees are from fair trade

2.00 €

Expresso softened with milk foam
All our coffees are from fair trade

4.00 €

Coffee? with a touch of milk is even better! All our coffees are fair trade

2.20 €
Double express

All our coffees are fair trade
3.50 €
Coffee - Cream

All our coffees are from fair trade

3.50 €
Hot Chocolate

A little chocolate note that warms you up? there's nothing better than our hot chocolate!

4.00 €
Selection of rganic tea

Certified by the ecocert label, from organic farming. These teas are marketed in accordance with international fair trade standards. To consume this product is to contribute to the improvement of the living and working conditions of producers.

3.50 €

3.50 €
Irish Coffee

Cocktail made with coffee, sugar, whisky and cream.

All our coffees are from fair trade

7.00 €
Vodka Sobieski

Heiress of 5 centuries from Polish tradition in distillation, a know-how that entrust its unique character and high quality!

7.00 / 12.00 €
Gin Gibson's

Authentic London dry gin, No. 1 in France, is the basis of excellent cocktails and its bitterness goes very well with citrus fruits. Its distillation in stills made in England from carefully selected grains and its aromatization is subtle and delicate.

7.00 / 12.00 €
Cognac Delaitre

The cognacs are born from a meticulous work during the selection and blending of the best eaux-de-vie. Fruit of a unique know-how, the cognacs neglect reveal a richness and incomparable aromas.

7.00 / 12.00 €
Armagnac - Pear

Armagnac goes well with pear to which it brings rustic aromas!

7.00 / 12.00 €
Calvados Coquerel - Plum

A product which contains typical and distinguished fruits for eaux de vie amateurs.

7.00 / 12.00 €

7.00 / 12.00 €
Get 27

Mint liqueur (21%) made with essential oils of mint, alcohol, water and sugar.

7.00 / 12.00 €
Get 31

Green mint liqueur measuring 21â° developed in 1976. Its name refers to the jet 27 which would have put itself on its 31, since targeting a higher end market.
7.00 / 12.00 €