Orangina 25cl

Orangina is the French brand of a non-alcoholic carbonated drink made from oranges and lemons.
null 3.00 €
GRANINI fruit juice

Orange Fruit Juice Apple Apricot Grapefruit Tomato again! Strawberry Raspberry Litchi Banana Vitamin Juice (orange, lemon, carrot) Pear Raspberry Banana Pear Litchi Orange, lemon, carrot
null 3.00 €
Blonde Lager

Beer of thirst, light and balanced. alcohol 5 °
null 2.50 / null 4.90 €
Castle Meteor 1927

Fruity beer with high fermentation for lovers of bitterness. Alcohol 6.2
null 4.00 / null 7.50 €
Christmas beer

5.8% Alc. Flight. Color: beautiful amber color with caramel reflections Mousse: fine pure white foam Nose: dominance of orange, peel, macerated fruit Palate: we find orange. Beer very light as much in density and mellowness as in bubbles. Long aftertaste.
null 4.00 / null 7.50 €
Imperial pilsner (limited edition)

Derived from the meteorological Pils Color: Gold, limpid, brilliant. Foam: Ecru with fine bubbles Nose: Very present notes of fruity Alsatian hops ... Fine notes of malts. Palate: A frankly bitter, not very mellow beer. An alcoholic power assumed. Slightly caramelized Targeted bitterness (UA): 30 Color (EBC): 11 Softness (% P): 3.5 Alcohol level: 7% Alc. Flight. Fermentation: low
null 4.00 / null 7.50 €
Wendel Linus

Abbey beer 6% alcohol
null 3.60 / null 6.80 €
Abbey Beer Wendelinus rossa

Abbey beer with red fruits.
null 12.00 €
Wendelinus Tenebris Abbey Beer

Abbey brown beer.
null 12.00 €
Fluffy AOC

Sémillon, soil soils very diverse.
null 3.20 / null 19.00 €
Burgundy Cuvée Andréa

Burgundy wine Chardonnay aged in oak barrels. Geography: Located south of the cru St Véran, near the Mâconnais Terroir: Clay and limestone Grapes: Chardonnay Color: White Degree: 13% vol. Vinification: Direct pressing, thermo-regulated Origin: From a plot of old vines, harvested by hand Aging: 6 months in oak barrels Care: 5 years
null 4.90 / null 29.00 €
White wine of Saumur

Wine from the Loire Valley 100% Chenin blanc. Well chenin nose. Acacia and quince notes. Good balance with well controlled acidity.
null 2.50 / null 17.00 €
Saumur Chenin faithful 2014

This cuvée comes from 100% Chenin Blanc. Fermentation and aging took place in Burgundy barrels for one year, 60% of which were in new barrels. This wine has not been bonded or refilled
null 3.90 / null 22.00 €
AOC oak barrel windmill

Terroir granitique-manganese. Semi-Carbonic Vignation. Le moulin-à-vent duit au gamay et au granite sa couleur rouge violacé qui, au fur et mesure du temps, evolut de la grenat sombre au au rubis profond.
null 4.50 €
Château Albert 2015 AOC

20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 80% Merlot. Flexible, round, balanced and beautiful structure.
null 3.50 €
Château Albert 2017 AOC

20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 80% Merlot. Round, fruity and balanced. Tannins supported.
null 3.00 / null 18.00 €
Red Saumur

null 2.50 €
Beaujolais Nouveau

null 3.00 / null 18.00 €
Cabernet of Anjou

Cabernet franc Rosé sweet burgundy
null 3.20 / null 18.00 €
The naughty

Rosé wine, from a tasty blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. Appellation AOP Coteaux d'Aix en Provence, sustainable agriculture. "The girls' wine that boys love."
null 4.00 / null 24.00 €
Gross gold card Drappier

85% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot noir - Butter and gourmet
null 8.00 / null 45.00 €

30 ° vodka liquor: 100% natural Flavors of your choice: hazelnuts, walnuts, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, mirabelle plums, lemon-honey, blueberries, blackcurrants, plums, quince, caramel and the last one with apple.
null 3.50 €
Soplica Staropolska

Luxury Liqueur: 100% natural Flavors of your choice: amber, hawthorn, dogwood and blackberry
null 6.50 €
Vodka romanoff 37.5°

Pure grain, filtered and distilled 7 times.
null 4.00 €
Vodka soplica 40°

Pure wheat, filtered and distilled 7 times.
null 4.00 €
Palace 40°

Pure potato, filtered and distilled 6 times.
null 5.50 €
Golovkine MOF Luxe 40 °

Pure wheat, filtered and distilled 6 times, once in cognac still.
null 7.50 €
Golovkine MOF 40 °

Pure wheat, filtered and distilled 5 times.
null 5.50 €
Macleod's single grain 40 ° - 12 years old

Traditional and balanced Scotch.
null 6.00 €
Macleod's single malt highland 40°

Scottish earth whiskey: subtle.
null 6.00 €
Macleod's single malt speyside 40°

Regional Scotch pronounced!
null 6.50 €
Macleod's single malt islay

Scottish sea whiskey: peat ...
null 7.00 €
King Robert II 37.5°

Light, fresh, dry and subtle gin, with notes of white mint and a pleasant herbaceous taste. Manufacturing Details Traditional British manufacturing and manufacturing.
null 4.50 €
Gin king Robert ll

London dry gin
null 4.50 €