Myrtle wine and appetizers

A colourful starter, filled with flavours!
The house’s charcuterie (cold meats)

Do you seek authenticity, passion, generosity and flavours? Our house’s charcuterie (cold meats) is for you!
Corsican Soup

A spicy Corsican soup
Duo of Lamb and Suckling Pig

This duo of lamb and suckling pig roasted over wood fire is one of the best duos! Even better than Sinatra and Céline Dion. You won't stay a stranger in the night!
Potato and Soissons Beans

Corsican-style - a constant generous delight!
Corsican cheese and its jam

A citrus fruits sorbet Carousel

Homemade sorbets and a Nougatine cup: Tangerine, Blood Orange, Lemon, Pink Pomelo. 100% fruits from our orchard.
1/4 of wine per person